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This portal aims to support schools, groups and associations in their fundraising campaigns. With its superior quality products from St-Albert Cheese, Say-Cheese will help you quickly reach your financial goal!

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Warning : Please ensure that the group for which you are buying your products is close to your home so that the group responsible is able to deliver them to you or that you can pick them up. Otherwise, please note that we can't offer you a refund. For Schools campaigns, delivery will be at the school. Parents will be responsible for picking up their order from the school.

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Curds 400g
$ 8,75

Curds color 400g
$ 8,75

Cheddar Mild white 270g
$ 7,50

Cheddar Mild marbled 270g
$ 7,50

Cheddar Mild color 270g
$ 7,50

Cheddar Medium white 270g
$ 8,00

Cheddar Medium color 270g
$ 8,00

Cheddar Old white 270g
$ 8,25

Double cream brie 200g
$ 7,25


Nous sommes une garderie éducative francophone et nous aimerions amasser des fonds afin de financer l'achat de jouets, de livres, de matériaux pédagogiques ainsi qu'organiser des sorties éducatives pour nos touts-petits! La campagne débutera le 13 mai 2019 et se terminera le 31 mai 2019.